The books that I review and write about in this blog are romance novels. For me, I just like a good story so the books ranges from the “fade to black” love scenes to the BDSM erotica books. All of the books in the blog should be considered 18+ for language and sexual situations. I DO NOT recommend any of these books for readers under the age of 18. I will say that again, these books are not for people under the age of 18!

All of the reviews are my own thoughts and opinions. I will only be posting reviews and info on books that I would rate as a 4 or 5 star read. That does not mean that I love all the books that I have read but one persons favorite book is another’s worst. I do sometimes receive ARC’s ( Advance reader copies) and I will state in the review it is for and ARC that I did not end up purchasing myself. Any book that I review from an ARC is a book that I have specifically signed up for to read.

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