31 Days of Books: Recap

That is a wrap folks! 2019 has been a year of amazing books, I have not read as many as I would like but did make my goodreads goal! I hope you have enjoyed reading about my top 31 books of 2019, I hope that you enjoy reading them as well. I cant wait to share some new things in 2020 with y’all. Below is a recap of the top 31 books! I hope everyone has a safe and fun New Years Eve!

31 Days of Books

Day 1: Steal The Light ( Thieves Book 1)

by Lexi Blake

Day 2: Misadventures of a Curvy Girl

by Sierra Simone

Day 3: Marriage of Inconvenience

by Penny Reid

Day 4: Ashes to Ink

by Carrie Ann Ryan

Day 5: Hello Stranger ( The Ravenels, Book 4)

by Lisa Kleypas

Day 6: How to Date Your Dragon

by Molly Harper

Day 7: Gray Back Bad Bear 

by T.S. Joyce

Day 8: Nothing Without You by 

by Monica Murphy

Day 9: Bound by Destiny

by Ryan Michele

Day10: Happy Trail

by Daisy Prescott Author

Day 11: Misadventures of a College Girl

by Lauren Rowe

Day 12: Omerta

By KA Ware

Day 13: Crime and Periodicals 

By Nora Everly

Day 14: Devoted to Love

by Shayla Black

Day 15: Stud Muffin

by Jiffy Kate

Day 16: Azagoth

By Larissa Ione

Day 17: Misadventures with my Ex

by Shayla Black

Day 18: Sweet Pea

by Jack Davenport

Day 19: Bound by Vengeance

by Ryan Michele

Day 20: My Bare Lady
by Piper Sheldon

Day 21: Road to Desire

by Piper Davenport

Day 22: Gray Back Broken Bear

By TS Joyce

Day 23: Baking Me Crazy

By Karla Sorencen

Day 24: Reaper

By Larissa Ione

Day 25: Level Up

By Cathy Yardy

Day 26: Misadventures with a Master
By Meredith Wild and Mia Michelle

Day 27: Shelf Awareness

By Katie Ashley

Day 28: Road to Absolution

By Piper Davenport

Day 29: No Whisk No Reward

By Ellie Kay

Day 30: Rescuing Mercy

By Harley Stone

Day 31: Bound

By Lexi Blake/ Sophie Oak

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