March of #MMM19 Week Three

Real life got in the way the last two weeks but here are all the books featured last week!

Sunday March 24th

Author: Jack Davenport

Book: Minus

Genre: MC


Author: Kathleen Kelly

Book: Savage Stalker

Genre: MC


Monday March 25th

Author: Morgan Jane Mitchell

Book: Scar

Genre: MC


Author: Ginger Ring

Book: Madison’s Mobster

Genre: Mafia


Author: Shelly Morgan

Book: The Preachers Daughter

Genre: MC


Tuesday March 26th

Author: Amy Briggs

Book: Fired Up

Genre: Fire Fighter


Author: Kristine Allen

Book: Colton’s Salvation

Genre: MC


Wednesday March 27th

Author: Lilly Atlas

Book: Striker

Genre: MC


Author: Chelsea Camaron

Book: One Ride

Genre: MC


Thursday March 28th

Author: K.A Ware

Book: Omerta

Genre: Mafia


Author: Daphne Loveling

Book: Ghost

Genre: MC


Friday March 29th

Author: Geri Glenn

Book: Ryker

Genre: MC


Author: Nicole James

Book: Outlaw

Genre: MC

Saturday March 30th

Author: Nina Levine

Book: Storm

Genre: MC

Sunday March 31st

Author: Winter Travers

Book: Loving Lo

Genre: MC



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