31 Days of Books: Devil in Spring

Title: Devil in Spring

Author: Lisa Kleypas

Published: February 21st 2017

Pages: 288

Genre: Historical Romance

Disclaimer: 18 + for language, violence and sexual situations.

As I have said before, historical romance is my first love when it comes to romance novels. The dashing knights, dark dukes and witty wallflowers all come together to make some amazing stories. If you have not read Lisa Kleypas then you are missing out BIG TIME! Her original Wallflowers series is a must read and the Ravenels series now is introducing the next generation of Wallflower offspring.

What a treat to have the next generation of Wallflowers! I adored this book, it has all the amazing things that a historical romance should! There was witty banter, an eccentric heroine, dashing hero and steamy passion. Pandora and Gabriel have a chance meeting that is classic Lisa Kleypas style and from there they embark on a romance full of surprises. Like his dashing father Gabriel is swoon worthy as the hero who is trying to understand his feelings for Pandora. Like any classic wallflower Pandora is full of wit and vitality and will not be controlled by a man. If you love historical romance then this book will be right up your alley, if you love witty and romantic books then this book will be right up your alley and if you are a fan of Lisa Kleypas then you are already reading this book! Plus how amazing is the cover!


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