31 Days of Books: Chevelle

Title: Chevelle: An Oath Keepers MC Standalone

Author: Sapphire Knight

Published: May 22nd 2018

Pages: 299

Genre: Dark MC Romance

Disclaimer: 18 + for language, violence and sexual situations. This is a DARK and STEAMY read!

If you are looking for an over the top Alpha MC love story then this is the book for you! I knew in May that it would be one of my favorite books of the year! It is no secret that I love stories with Alpha males and strong women. Though that strength can be portrayed in different ways it is awesome when you have an Alpha female go head to head with an Alpha male. Sapphire Knight does this so well! She can write the Alphaist (not sure if that is a word but I am going with it) of Alphas and the bad A@# ladies who knock them out. But what I love about her books is the that she can make her alpha couples still have sweet romance when they are kicking some A@%!

I will start that yes, this is a standalone but you should just read the rest of the series because it is awesome. Mercenary has transferred to the Texas chapter of the Oath Keepers MC, he is broody and all alpha ( side note I love that he complains about the Texas heat!) . He is given a job and thinks that it ends there but soon discovers this is more than just a job. Chevelle is used to men underestimating her, she is gear head and runs the Pit (a race track) as only an Alpha women can but she is not prepared for Mercenary. This book is a romance about two alphas and their battle of wills! It is not a sweet and innocent love story but one that will take you for a wild ride and make you want to hop on again! When I say this book is dark and steamy, I mean steamy that will have you thinking your house is in a heat wave. To add to this is a plot that has twists and turns that will keep you turning the pages. The tag line on the cover says it all ” Alpha meets Alpha” , though it should also say ” Reader meets Amazing Book”!

Chevelle Full Wrap.jpg

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