31 Days of Books: Loving Lo

Title: Loving Lo

Author: Winter Travers

Published: April 30th 2015

Pages: 254 pages

Genre: MC  Romance

Disclaimer: 18 + for language, violence and sexual situations.

Though this is an older book it was new to me this year. I love finding new authors and having a whole library of books to add to my TBR pile. Winter Travers has several amazing series but I loved that this book had some great twists. If you are looking for a new author to try then you can’t go wrong with Winter Travers!

Meg and Lo have an amazing insta love story. Meg is left broken after her divorce and she must work to figure out when make her happy now. Meg is one of those heroines who has awesome one liners and who you would like to be friends with. Lo is an alpha biker who takes one look at her and knows she is the one. I love that Meg is not your typical heroine and she was refreshing to read! This book does not follow the normal MC and romance troupes and was so much fun to read. I will say that it does end on kind of a cliffhanger but what is awesome is that the second book is already out!

P.S: How could you not love a book with this in the blurb “Finding love again was never in Meg’s plans. One eventful morning at the dollar store changes her life forever.” 


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