31 Days of Books: Rescuing Sadie

Title: Rescuing Sadie: A Delta Force Heroes/ Masters and Mercenaries Novella

Author: Susan Stoker

Published: April 10th 2018

Pages: 125 pages

Genre: Contemporary Romance

Disclaimer: 18 + for language and sexual situations.

Ok so this book combines two of my favorite things… Lexi Blake and Susan Stoker! This is on of the books in the Lexi Blake Crossover Series and it is awesome! If you are either a fan of Lexi Blake or Susan Stoker this will be a fun book and if you are new to either this is a great start. There is action, romance, humor and just a great story!

I LOVED Sadie in Lexi Blake’s books, she is the sassy receptionist at McKay Taggart and I was excited when I read she was getting her own book. She was introduced to the Susan Stoker world in another book but don’t worry you don’t have to read that or any other part of her series to enjoy this book. In fact I love that this is a standalone in a way but it makes me want to read the other books.

Sadie is a sassy heroine who is used to being around Alpha males and does not back down. But she is being stalked by a crazy guy and must be protected by Chase an Alpha male Army officer. This book is not insta love but they have already met so we jump right in to their relationship. They have some off the charts chemistry and are just a fun couple. This book has some of those heart flutter scenes and I love that they are both vulnerable with each other. We get to meet some other fun characters in the book as well. This book has some steamy scenes that add to the action and suspense for a great read.

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