New Blog Series: 31 Days of Books

It is that time of year again.. the ” Best of lists” time of year. Also we are in the middle of the Holiday season and winding down 2018. I thought about a Top 10 list and then when I started to put the list together it kept getting longer and longer. One of the things I love in December are Advent calendars. I love to get a surprise each day and btw Aldi is saying they are bringing their wine and cheese advent calendar to the states sooo good bye terrible chocolate. So I wanted to do a 31 days of books series for December, each day I will post a book that I loved in 2018. Some books I have featured on the blog and some I have not. Most have been released in 2018 but some are new to me. So I hope you enjoy the Advent Book Blog Post Calendar that will be happening this month!

P.S I mean Advent in a non religious way… not sure what else to call them… maybe surprise countdown calendars..

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