Sassy in September: Wreaking Havoc

Title: Wreaking Havoc ( Book 2 in the Dead Presidents MC Series)

Author: Harley Stone

Published: May 28th 2018

Pages: 176 pages

Genre: MC Romance

Disclaimer: 18 + for language, violence and sexual situations. This is a STEAMY read!

Sassy Heroine: Julia Edwards

When I was thinking of this theme for sassy heroines this book was one of the first that came to mind. Harley Stone writes all the things but one thing that is in all of her books are sassy and smart heroines. But I had to choose one and Julia just seemed the perfect fit. Check out my full review post here!

Julia is trying to get her life back on track from a terrible divorce. She runs a small bookstores and is just trying to lead a quite life. Julia is a strong women who does not always make the best choices. What makes her a sassy heroine is the mix of jumping for what she wants and her anger issues. She fully admits that she has some issues with her anger and asks for help from Marcus ” Havoc” Wilson the sexy biker that walked into her books shop. What I love about Julia is that she is just a bit crazy in a great way, she loves big, gets made big and fights for what is right in a big way. She does not let her past dictate her future and jumps to create a new life for herself. Julia has some one liners that will make you laugh out loud and moments that will make you heart flutter. This book is about two people who are fighting for love and helping each other fight their demons.

wreaking havoc

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