Sunday Fun Day: Club Shadowlands


Title: Club Shadowlands ( Book 1 in the Masters of Shadowlands series)

Author: Cherise Sinclair


Pages: 380 pages

Genre: Contemporary BDSM Erotic Romance

Disclaimer: 18 + for language and sexual situations. This is a STEAMY read!

Ok, so here is the disclaimer, this book definitely is a steamy BDSM read. But that been said there is a great story here as well. I think this book explains the BDSM lifestyle better than 50 Shades and gives it a more realistic feel. Well as realistic as a book can be where the main character is a rich owner of an exclusive BDSM club who also happens to be ex-military. Just checking off the troupes here, though I will say he is not a Billionaire so that is something. P.S I am not a huge fan of this cover.

This book has a campy plot, Jessica Randall’s car breaks down on the side of the road on a rainy night. She walks to the nearest house that just happens to be a private bondage club. She meets the mysterious Master Z and embarks on a sexy journey into the lifestyle. Did I mention that she is an accountant, yep she is a straight laced accountant. Master Z the owner of the club is drawn to her… of course. Will Jessica decided to join this lifestyle and has Master Z found his match? This book happens to be free on amazon if you want to find out!

I walked into this book thinking it would be a campy and sexy read. But one thing that Cherise Sinclair does in her books is add a layers of emotion. I think that Jessica and Master Z (Zachary) find something in each other that they are looking for in a relationship. At first Jessica seems like a starchy accountant but we soon learn she has a sassy side. I think what I liked best about this book was Jessica’s journey and that she learns to stand up for her self and what she wants. This book also has a great set of character that add to the story and set up for the rest of the 12 book series. Though this book does not have the most original plot it is a captivating read and it is a testament to the author that readers have loved this series. If you are looking for a STEAMY HAWT like for real steamy read with a fun plot then this is your next free read!

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