Sassy in September: The Duke and I

Title: The Duke and I (Bridgertons Book 1)

Author: Julia Quinn

Published: April 28th 2015

Pages: 353 pages

Genre: Historical Romance

Disclaimer: 18 + for language, violence and sexual situations.

Sassy Heroine: Daphne Bridgertons

I always feel like the original sassy heroines are the wallflowers of historical romances. They are typically outspoken and sassy to the men of the ton. They want more that what society has in store for them and they don’t settle for anything less. If you are looking for an author that has a lot of sassy historical heroine then you need to read Julia Quinn’s books. Her Bridgertons series is amazing full stop, in fact Netflix and Shonda Rhimes are going to put this book into a movie!

Daphne is the oldest daughter of the Bridgerton clan, she is almost on the shelf and can’t find a suitable man to marry. Some say it is because she is outspoken, some say it is because her brothers have given her too much latitude in choosing and others say her brothers frighten all the suitors away. Daphne is an awesome heroine she is witty, smart and stands up for her self. What makes her stand out is that she is not the classic shy or quirky unmarried london lady, she is a stong, smart and hilarious lady of the ton who wants to marry for love. When she enters into a sham courtship with Simon Basset an eligible Duke she does not plan on falling in love with him, she just needs his help in makeing her more popular. Simon hopes to help Daphne attract some new suitors but will go no further than that. But when the sham of a courtship becomes real, will they be able to find true love together? This book is witty historical romance that has a dashing and slightly broody duke and the sassy heroine that will teach him to overcome his issues. There are glittering balls, fancy london outings and a hilarious family to follow.

duke and I

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