MC Summer Celebration: Skid Row Kings Series

Title: DownShift, PowerShift and BangShift

Author: Winter Travers

Published: April 2016-Nov 2016

Pages: 3 books

Genre: Car Racing Series

Disclaimer: 18 + for language and sexual situations.

all three skid row


I have always loved movies like Fast and Furious and am an avid watcher of F1 racing but I never read any car romance novels. I had heard about Winter Travers and bought some of her books but not read any. Full disclosure I received these books as ARC’s but loved them so much I bought my own copies as well. That is when you know you love a book when you buy your own copy to support the author!

What I loved about this series is that there is a great mix of car talk/racing and romance. These books will captivate you from the start and keep you turning the pages. The heroes are alphas with depth and the heroines are sassy ladies with spunk. I loved that these books made me laugh and swoon. I was not sure if I would like these books and ended up loving the series. I am currently reading Bangshift and loving it but below are my reviews for DownShift and PowerShift that I posted on retailers websites.




I loved this book! So, I was not sure what to expect. This is a new author for me and I am not normally into the street racing books but this one caught me from page one! Violet and Luke have a hate at first sight kind of love story. But it is hilarious to read. I love that both Violet and Luke grown in the book and make each other better. There are steamy love scenes, racing, humor, a great cast of characters and a page turning plot. This will be your next 5 star read!


power shift


Another great book in the Skid Row Kings series! Mitch and Scarlett have a sweet and steamy romance. Scarlett is a single mother with a past trying to get her life back. She meets Mitch when she needs her car fixed and get more than she bargained for! Mitch and Scarlett have great chemistry and are hilarious. Again I am not normally a car romance person but I loved this book and series!

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