Sunday Funday: The Rugby Series

Title: The Rugby Series

Author: L.H Cosway and Penny Reid

Published: 2015- Present

Pages: 3 books and the 4th set to come out this year hopefully!

Genre: Contemporary Sports Romance

Disclaimer: 18 + for language and sexual situations.

Ok, I have another series for you! Also the first book is free right now!!! I am not normally a sports romance fan but I loved the concept of the first book and I love rugby so I went for it. I am so glad I did because I was introduced to PENNY REID!! So if you are a Penny fan these books are more steamy than her other series. But there is still all the witty awesomeness of her books. I have not read any of L.H Cosways books but I have a couple that I want to read.

This series follows several rugby players and their road to romance. Each book has a twist and is not just a sports romance. If you are looking for a lot of sports talk this is not the series for you. But if you are looking for some hilarious, steamy, soulful, and page turning books then check this series out!

The Hooker and the Hermit, is about Ronan a rugby star who need Annie a social media expert to help fix up his image. Ronan is the Hooker (a position in rugby) and Annie is the Hermit. What I love about this book is the connection and chemistry between Annie and Ronan. I also love the dorky heornie and hunky hero troupe and this book does not disapoint.

Click on the image to get the FREE book!

The Player and the Pixie, this is my favorite book in the series. This is a sister and the brothers enemy book! Lucy, Ronan’s sister is thrown together with his rival Sean and sparks fly! The hilarious twist in this book is the Sean is known as a player and he is rubbish in bed. Again there is a depth to this book that makes it special, both Sean and Lucy must work through their issues together.

Click on the image to contuine this series!

The Cad and the Co-Ed, is full of glorious humor and angst. Bryan is a playboy who is done with his wild ways. Eilish is the women who was one of his one night stands and got more that she expected out of the bargain. Years late Eilish is a single mother who is working on her education and must take a job with Sean. What ensues is a story of second chance love, redemption and humor.

Click on the image for book 3!

I can’t wait for the Voyeur and the Vet! Penny and L.H were not committing to another books in the series and I was so excited when I it was coming out! The cover reveal is soon and I can wait to see it! So, one click the Hooker and the Hermit for FREE while it lasts and start this awesome series!

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