Sunday Funday: The Kings of Korruption Series

Title: The Kings of Korruption Series

Author: Geri Glenn

Published: Aug of 2015 to Present

Pages: 5 books plus a novella

Genre: MC Romance

Disclaimer: 18 + This book contains violence, strong language and sexual situations.

To fully celebrate the cover reveal for Bosco the 5th book in the Kings series, I wanted to talk about the rest of the books in the series. To say I am excited is an understatement!!!!!! I love this series. period full stop. I have already posted my review for Book 2, Tease in which the heroine in blind. What I love about the book is that it is not about her being blind, it is about the love story between Layine and Tease. Each one of Geri Glenn’s books has a twist that sets them apart. This is an MC series so there is the dark element through out but it is not a crazy dark series. PS I love that the series is set in Canada also, I may or may not have a special connection with that country.

This series has all the awesome tropes that make romance novels amazing! There is the Bad Boy and the Determined Heroine in Ryker’s book 1,  Beauty and the Beast with a twist in Tease’s book 2, the Playboy and the Single Mom in Jase’s book 3 and the Redemption story in Reaper’s book 4. Plus a fun novella about Daniel, Layine’s brother that we meet in book 2. Then add in that they are set in the MC world with some HAWT love scenes and you have yourself a 5 star series!

If I had to choose favorites in the series (which is really hard) I would say Tease Book 2 ( see my full review) and Reaper book 4. Reaper is a redemption story that has such soul it will make you feel like you are there. This book actually made my heart flutter, now to truly enjoy this story you need to read the whole series. There is a build up to the story that makes you truly appreciate the book. These books have action, humor, steamy love scenes, alpha men and strong women. So go head over to your retailer of choice and start this series today!

bosco full cover




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