New Blog post series! Crossover Thursday!

So, if you have been reading my blog so far you know that I am a Lexi Blake fan! For reals she is one of my blind one click authors. That being said she has teamed up with some amazing authors to release the Lexi Blake Crossover Collection today! She has set up a group of characters over the last several books that have been incorporated into the worlds of these other authors. I LOVE THIS IDEA! Each of books can be read alone in the series, since I was like ummm how am I going to catch up with each of these series! (insert an image of my TBR shelf falling over or my kindle going on strike!)

So drum roll please……starting Thursday April 19th I will be reviewing each of the books in the series and then another book by each of the authors. I have decided to call this the Crossover Thursday Series, totally orginal I know but just go with it. I have only read Susan Stoker so far and that was because I had one of her books already. This is a great way to get an introduction to new authors and since most of the books are 2.99 they are a steal! Sorry for not having a review Tuesday post but this idea came to my mind yesterday! I hope you enjoy the new Crossover Thursday posts starting next week!

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