Sunday Fun Day: Tease


Title: Tease ( Kings of Korruption MC Book 2)

Author: Geri Glenn

Published: Nov 27th 2015

Pages: 164

Genre: MC Romance

Disclaimer: 18+ for language and sexual situations

Put on your leather jacket and get ready for another fun MC romance review! As I have said before I love a good MC romance. Typically these books are on the dark and gritty side. They are a great excuse for Alpha Males, Sassy Ladies and the family dynamic of the MC life. Geri Glenn writes a great MC series that is gritty light, it has dark elements but I would not say it is a dark romance. Don’t worry I have a couple of those to come! Another fun thing is that it is set in Canada!

Tease is the second book of the Kings of Korruption series, it can be read as a standalone novel though. Tease is a scared and surly biker and Laynie is blind but wont let that stop her from living life to the fullest. Tease keeps everyone at arms length until Laynie crashes into his life. When there is trouble with a rival club will their romance survive? Can Tease keep Laynie safe and will she break through the walls he built up? You will have to read the book to find out!

This book was such a surprise. It is the classic beauty and the beast tale with a twist.  I LOVE a good beauty and the beast tale…as old as time… wait wrong story. Tease is the beast and he has had a rough childhood with scares inside and out. He is a great growly alpha male of few words. Laynie on the other hand is hilarious! She could have been written as a blind women who is weak and needs a protector. But Laynie is a spunky and strong women who does not need anyone to help her. She is not bitter or angry, she just wants to live her life with her awesome dog. She keeps Tease on his toes and is a perfect balance to his personality. This is a fun book that has action and steamy romance. It does go pretty quickly so the plot moves at a fast pace.

It is not common to have books with one of the main characters having a disability. I like that this is not about Laynie getting her sight back. This book shows that two people can overcome their past and grow together. Laynie shows Tease that he can be loved and Tease shows Laynie that she can have it all. This book does have violence in it but I would not say that it is very gory. It fits with the MC theme but if you don’t want your romance with a side of shootouts then this may not be the book for you. But besides that it is a great weekend read!


One thought on “Sunday Fun Day: Tease

  1. Tease is my favorite too. If I’m rereading the series, i start with Teasem even though it’s book 2. I can’t wait for Bosco. I think that’ll be my second favorite


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